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Starting in 1973 in our pioneering efforts, we continue to differentiate ourselves by bringing the latest and practical technologies. Driven by our Vision of offering the best to our customers, we have upgraded our facilities quite regularly and quickly.

PT. SEMEN INDOGREEN SENTOSA OPERATES NATIONWIDE IN HANDLING READY MIX CONCRETE MANAGEMENT, WITH DEPENDABLE SERVICE, AND UNPARALLELED INTEGRITY. PT. Semen Indogreen Sentosa utilize our employee’s skills and experience, advanced technology solutions, and our industry partners to provide our customers with innovative ready mixed concrete products and services that exceed expectations and provide financial stability and growth for our stakeholders.

Even though Armindo Caturpratama was founded in 1992 but at the beginning of its production process operation in 1995. ACP's production area only occupies 2 hectares of land with only 50 experts and workers, so that the production capacity only reaches 3000 tons per year, ACP has implementing the right strategy and commitment in the management of the company.

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